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Eclipse MicroProfile Starter with Quarkus

Přednáška | A113 | Neděle 15:00 - 15:45 |

Eclipse MicroProfile Starter helps Java developers quickly get started using and exploiting the capabilities of the community-driven open source specification for enterprise Java microservices, Eclipse MicroProfile. In this session we briefly touch on MicroProfile APIs overview, we mention various runtimes implementing the specification, e.g. Thorntail, Helidon, Payara and TomEE. Next we mention Quarkus and GraalVM (SubstrateVM) and we will build the code generated by MicroProfile Starter into a native executable. Our microservice written in Java, leveraging MicroProfile APIs, will demonstrate interoperability among several runtimes. The session ends with a call for participation as our MicroProfile Starter always needs more love.

Familiarity with Java on the server side

Otevřený a svobodný software MicroProfile Quarkus

Michal Babacek

Quality Engineering
Red Hat, Eclipse MicroProfile

Martin Stefanko

Red Hat, Eclipse MicroProfile