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Calibration of a DIY Low-cost Aerosol Detector

Přednáška | TRACK 4 | Sobota 14:00 - 14:45 |

Аir pollution is one of the greatest environmental risk to human health, and public awareness of the need for a clean air is increasing. Thanks to the many types of cheap aerosol sensors there are literary thousands of projects online with low-cost aerosol monitoring devices being build by the DIY community. But how accurate and reliable are such measurements? The answers to this questions are not simple. Professionally calibrated aerosol monitors are not widely available and we can not rely on our our human senses. I will show you the work where we analysed the output pulses of a Sharp GP2Y low-cost (~10€) aerosol sensor, connected it to a Raspberry Pi, calibrated it in a controlled atmosphere and compared its outputs with the professional calibrated aerosol monitoring device in a real environment. The work was done within the Aeromet II project (19ENV08) funded by EU H2020 programme and the results of the work have been published in an open-acces article (Bucar et al, Sensors 2020, 20(23), 6707).

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